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Who Is Dollar Sense™?

Dollar Sense™ is a company dedicated to assisting clients in their quest to lead a debt free life. Dollar Sense™ a division of Moneywork$, Inc has been offering creative and aggressive ways of achieving this goal for consumers since 1996.

Presently, the company receives applications daily, from people who are weary of the burden of being overextended and have a preference of avoiding the stigma that faces them with bankruptcy.

The management and leadership behind Dollar Sense™ include years of experience in the areas of financial advising and counseling, mortgage financing, insurance, and debt counseling and management. All of these tools offer the consumer with the most intricate, well-rounded array of strategies possible.

What Is “The Eliminator” Debt Reduction Program?

The Eliminator Debt Management Program is an aggressive method of helping consumers out of the debt trap and away from the bankruptcy path. The client makes a single monthly payment each month into a personal bank account in the client’s name specifically established for the program. As funds accumulate in the account, the Dollar Sense™ processing team negotiates settlements with the creditors in route to debt elimination. Creditor calls are minimized during this time utilizing the Dollar Sense™ legal department and standing behind the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. On average, clients end up spending 60 cents for every dollar that is owed.

How Does The Program Effect Credit?

While on the program, the credit, will in all likelihood, suffer damage that occurs when accounts are not being paid. Of course, if you are late or delinquent at present, the difference may be minimal. However, once you are debt free, the accounts will indicate a paid or settled status. Within 6 to 12 months, you will be well on your way to total recovery.

How Does This Program Compare To Other Options?

We feel that most other options are either too extreme, such as bankruptcy, or too narrow, such as consumer credit counseling. The Eliminator Debt Management Program is aggressive without the long term effects caused by bankruptcy and unlike consumer credit counseling, Dollar Sense™ is an agent of the client alone enabling, on average, a debt free life in less than half the time achieved by consumer credit counseling.
What Kind Of Debt Can Be Included On The Program?

The program can accommodate any kind of unsecured debt. Unsecured debt is debt not collateralized by property and is negotiable. Debt such as car loans, mortgages, IRS tax liens, government backed student loans, and child support, are examples of debt that is not part of the Managed Debt program.

How Does Dollar Sense™ Get Paid?

Dollar Sense™ earns a percentage of the amount that is saved by the client through its settlement negotiations and management.  Because Dollar Sense™ only gets fees Based upon settlement and management of a client’s debt. The Eliminator program also includes a money management support program, which is guidance program monthly to assure a positive experience while working with the company. 

Clients do not pay any additional monies into the program for this service beyond their regular monthly payment. The goal of the service is to enhance and to educate and the client on managing their obligations. This service is designed to help the client achieve the goal of being Debt Free.

Are There Any Interest Charges?

Because the debt is settled for less than the full balance, the interest accumulating during the program is not important. Ultimately, there is no interest paid what so ever.

Who Qualifies For the Program?

Anyone that fits the debt and needs criteria and demonstrates an ability to make the payments dictated by the program qualifies for participation in the program.